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  Google Search Tips
  Use a few very precise keywords and the following operands for best results.
  + Use a plus sign before words that you want to appear in your search results exactly as typed.
  - Use a minus sign before words that you don't want to appear in your search results.
  ~ Use the tilde sign before words for search results that include synonyms.
  " Place a name between double quotes to search for exact occurances of the name.
  OR Use the OR operand to receive results that contain only one of the query words or phrases.
  * Use the asterisk as a wild card; ie. for a middle name.
  ... Use a number range search to match any one year in a range of years, i.e. 1700...1750

  Sample entries:
  "John Smith" OR "Smith, John" OR "John * Smith"
  "John Smith" Belfast Ireland 1820...1870
  "John Smith" "Thomas Smith" Ireland ~genealogy
  +Powers PA OR Pennsylvania Wilkes-Barre 1800...1810
  Fox family -animal

Notes about site search
Approximately 80% of the data on this web site is textual, making searches for names, places and key-words extremely easy to do. Unfortunately, the remainder of the site's data is scanned or photocopied, leaving it unsearchable. The following sections could not be indexed for searches, and must be viewed individually to see if they contain relevant data.
  -Deaths Reports From Other Sources
  -An Index To Early Probate Records Of Worth County
  -References To Some Early Wills
  -Earliest Tax Assessments
  -Plat Maps
  -Special Map Link
  -World War I Discharges
NOTE: As of this date (8/10/2010), the 1860 and 1876 census indexes are images. Within a short time, they will be in text format.