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More than anything else, 'The Heart Of The Nation' concerns itself with the family and ancestry of Pansy Rinehart. But, scattered throughout the book are musings of people and events that interested her most...nearly all about Worth County in general, and Smith Township in particular. The following are the most noteworthy for genealogists and historians:

A map of the 7 known cemeteries in Smith Township.
Several articles relating to the RLDS church in Allendale.
Allendale Baptist church history.
Names and locations of the many Worth County rural schools, with several histories, photos, and students listed.
Obituaries she had obtained.

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At some point in the future I would like this section to contain selected pages scanned from Pansy's book. The pages will be scanned from three sources: the original publication, the original with margin notes, and notes Pansy made in preparation for a second edition (never published).

The book contains 370 pages, and scanning every page would create a database far too large for this web site.

I do hope, however, to publish here an index to all persons listed in her book.


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