Worth County Recruits
Company M First Regiment

A brief scan of the 1860 Gentry County census provided the following known or suspected residents, all from Townships 65 and 66 (present-day Worth County). Some may have been overlooked, while others could have moved to the county between the census and the 1863 enrollment.

Zachariah Cadle - Grants Hill
Andrew B. Combs - Grants Hill
George W. Cox - Allendale
(? Noah Cox - Grants Hill)
Abraham Cunningham - Grants Hill
James C. Farris - Grants Hill
Benjamin F. Garrett - Maryetta
Wayman Harrison - Oxford
Perry Hinesley - Maryetta
Edward D. Ireland - Allendale
(? Charles McNeese - Middlefork Twp)
William Minnick - Maryetta
Joseph Roach - Maryetta
Jonathan Simmons - Maryetta
Jessy Sisk - Maryetta
Kenny Vert - Oxford
James Watts - Maryetta
John C. West - Oxford

According to records, the following soldiers enrolled in Company M at Smithton, MO. This could indicate a possible tie to Worth County or the northern part of Gentry County.

Seymour E. Cobb, 1st Lt
Benjamin Collins, Pvt (Died of disease 26 Feb 1864)
Samuel C. Collins, Pvt
Lemuel G. Cornell, Pvt
Benjamin Jones, Pvt (Deserted 29 Nov 1863)
Mitchel Roach, Pvt (Deserted 21 Apr 1865)
James A. Simms, Cpl
Elijah G. Stephens, Sgt
William H. Teagarden, Cpl
Andrew J. Yates, Pvt

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