Dead and Buried

Fort Leavenworth, Kansas National Cemetery, Section D

Shortly after the war, a program was begun to move all unclaimed Union bodies to national cemeteries.

Selected Union Burials
Missouri Units
Compiled by Edward Parker 1988
Pub: The State Historical Society of Missouri
1020 Lowry Street
Columbia MO 65201

* Killed in the ambush of June 12, 1864. The origin/fate of the four others is unknown.

1347 Martin Richie
1348 R.J. Masters
*1349 E.D. Ireland (Edward D. Ireland)
1350 M.T. Harris
1351 B.S. Roods
*1352 P. Osborn (Philip Osborn)
*1353 H. Muchler (Henry Mutchler)
*1354 B.H. Reese (B.H.Wease)
*1355 J. Sisk (Jessy Sisk)
*1356 John A.J. Morris (John A.J. Moms)
*1357 James C. Farris
*1358 T.P. Cadle (Zachariah P. Cadle)
*1359 G.Culp (George Culp)
*1360 J Newman (John Newman)

The two others killed in the ambush of June 12, 1864, were not located.

Perry Hinesley
William Ball

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