Jane Cadle's
Pension Requests

Jane Wilson Black Cadle, widow of Z.P. Cadle, applied for a widow's pension 27 Mar 1865. Sixteen months later, on 26 July 1866, her request was approved. The pension totaled $8 per month and was made retroactive to the date of Zachariah's death. Before 26 Feb 1867, Jane filed a petition for an increase in her pension to $12. That was the amount as of the date of her death. Apparently, someone submitted a claim to the War Department for compensation for Zachariah's horse.....

"Washington, Feb 15, 1870
Lost private horse and equipment in the public service by the horse having been killed or captured and equipment captured by the enemy while in action near Holden, Mo, on June 12, 1864."

No further reference has been found.

Excerpts fron Jane Cadle's Applications

27 March 1865
Appeared in The Worth County Circuit Court and made initial application for a widow's pension.
Post Office: Grants Hill
Age: 37
Married to Z.P.: 30 November 1848 in Gentry County
Polly Ann b. 19 Oct 1850
Melvina Jane b. 27 Jan 1853
David Adam b. 19 Jan 1854
Sarah Armilda b. 6 Aug 1856
Margaret Abigal (sic) 18 Sep 1868
Morgan Wilson b. 5 Apr 1861

Her statements and mark witnessed by Robert Black (had to make a mark himself) and G.W. Frakes.
John Patton, J.P., filed a statement verifying marriage of "Preston Cadle and Jane Black on 30 December 1848. [Note that Patton missed the month, and also stated on the afidavit, "Given under my hand this the 5th day of February 1849."]
The initial application was acknowledged as received by the Adjutant General's Office in a letter dated 15 August 1865.
Additional supportive evidence was required:

State of Missouri
County of Worth
On this second day of June A.D. 1866 personally appeared before me Zadre(?) Morgan Circuit Clerk within and for the County and State aforesaid P.M. Scott late Clerk of said Court and County Court and the offices before whom the application of Jane W. Cadle for pension was made who on oath says that at the time of the making of said application and before the signing thereof the contents of said applications declaration were read and fully explained to the claimant Jane W. Cadle and each of the subscribing witnesses and that I the said P.M. Scott was at the time of the said signing and making of said declaration, and am yet disinterested in the prossecution of said claim of the said Jane W. Cadle. (Signed) P. M. Scott (Witness) Z.Z. Morgan
State of Missouri
County of Worth
On this the 4th day of July A.D. 1866 personally appeared before the undersigned Notary Public within and for the County aforesaid Jane W. Cadle widow of Zachariah P. Cadle Dec Company (M) 1st Regt Missouri State Militia who being sworn according to law on oath says that she is the identical Jane W. Cadle whose application before the Department is numbered 97.884 and that the true name of her late husband was Zachariah Preston cadle and was usually and familiarly called and named by his friends and acquaintances Preston Cadle and that affiant was usually called and named Jane and that whatever discrepancy occurs in her application and the marriage certificate in regard to name must have occurred from the inadvertent familiarity of the party certifying said marriage.
(C.N. Dawson and J.B. Dawson witnessed her mark)
About 23 July 1866, a letter was issued stating that everything was in order and that proof had been exhibited. The only discrepancy noted was that she had stated the marriage as November, and the J.P had given it as December. It also noted that her (and supposedly his) loyalty had been declared. The pension was to be $8 per month effective 12 June 1864.
On 26 July 1866 a notice was issued stating that Jane was approved for an increase in her pension. When the request was made is uncertain. Her own pension remained at $8. The increase amounted to a $2 per month supplement for each of the 5 living children under the age of 16.
On 26 February 1867 Jane was in Circuit Court again requesting an increase in her own pension from $8 to $12.
Children (all at home with the claimant):
Polly Ann b. 19 Oct 1850
Melvins J. b. 27 Jan 1853
David A. b. 19 Jan 1854
Sarah A. b. 6 Aug 1856
Margaret A. b. 18 Sep 1858
Morgan W. b. 5 Apr 1861
Jane has to swear that, "The above named were the children of her said deceased husband and herself and that she has not abandoned the support of any one of the above named children nor permitted any one of them to be adopted by any other person as his her or their child."
There apparently was some debate as to Polly Ann's birth date. She had earlier been denied the $2 pension as she was already 16 at the time of the approval. On the 7th of March 1867, two afidavits were submitted to coroborate jane's statements.

Mrs. Ellender Mills, aged 53 years, stated that she was a practicing midwife of "some eighteen or twenty years standing" and that she had been a close neighbor and well acquainted with Zachariah P. Cadle and his widow, Jane, and children. Too, that she had been present at the birth of the named children. She said that from her "long personal knowledge of the above named family that she has reason to believe and does believe that Polly Ann Cadle was the eldest living child under the age of 16 years at the time of the death of her father Zacharia P. Cadle was born at the time set opposite her name in the declaration of her mother Jane W. Cadle viz. October the 19th 1850..."

Patterson R. Cadle and Evan M. Black stated that they had been well acquainted with Zachariah P. Cadle and his widow, Jane, for 20 years. They said that the physician and all attendant witnesses at the time of birth of Polly Ann Cadle, viz. 19 Oct 1850, are either dead or their whereabouts unknown to them. Also, that they were in the neighborhood at the time of Polly's birth and believe that on or about 19 Oct 1850 is the true date.

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