Towns and Communities

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Bethel Church       40.4863791, -94.5035714
Copy "40.4863791, -94.5035714" as one item, without the quotes, and place in the appropriate box.

          Adams (historical)     40.5152717, -94.2546775
               Not a town, but a general community area.
          Allendale     40.4855492, -94.2885672
          Athelstan     40.570562 -94.540153
               Only a house or two remains. The greater portion of Athelstan is in Taylor Co., IA.
          Blacks Grove (approx)     40.438993, -94.366540
          Defiance     40.519417, -94.596575
          Denver     40.3972163, -94.3227345
               Denver was called Fairview until 1871. The post office was
               called Grant's Hill, but during that year the name of the town
               and post office were changed to Denver.
          Fletchall's Grove
               Not a town, but a grove, situated about five miles northeast of
               Grant City. Two miles in width and three in length. Fletchall's
               Cemetery (40.522221, -94.368925) is representative of it's general area.
               Located in the southeast corner of the county near the Harrison
               County line, on R. F. D. from Denver. The post-office was
               discontinued in 1905. Exact location unknown.
          Grant's Hill Post Office     40.3972163, -94.3227345
               The post office name at Denver.
          Grant City     40.485984, -94.415155
          Honey Grove
               A post-office five miles north of Grant City in Fletchall Township.
               It was located near the Honey Grove Cemetery (40.5583240, -94.4377370).
          Hudson City (approx)     40.661907, -94.242376
               The post-office was discontinued about 1882.
               On the Iowa State line, east of Athelstan. Exact location uncertain.
          Irena     40.5497137, -94.3913471
          Isadora     40.5258231, -94.5177387
          Lot's Grove
               Not a town, but a grove from one to three miles in width and about
               twelve miles in length. Generally ran south-southwest through the
               Hudson City Post Office area toward Allendale. Lott's Grove
               Cemetery (40.545659, -94.239887) is located near its eastern edge.
          Marietta Post Office (approx)     40.522776, -94.519085
               A small business point located on the ridge, on the east side of West Fork.
          Mineral Spring     40.399447 -94.323727
               [a.k.a. Lamb's Well] Not a town, but an area located at the north
               edge of Denver. Reference made to a Douglass Mill but not found.
          Mount Waller     40.4705480, -94.3755133
          Oxford     40.4211019, -94.5405169
               When laid out, was called West Point, after Carter West, its founder.
          Prohibition City      40.437345 -94.424934
               A re-establishment of the Smithton post office in 1875 and called
               Prohibition City. The post-office was discontinued about 1882.
          Rose Hill Post Office
               Near Oxford/West Point in Greene Township.
               It was situated at Sec. 19, Twp. 65 N, R. 32 W.
          Sheridan     40.5180449, -94.6121861
          Smithton      40.437345 -94.424934
               [a.k.a. Worthville]
          Tarleton City      40.437345 -94.424934
               The beginning of a town on the west side of Smithton and a rival of
               the latter. Never grew larger than one house.
          West Point      40.4211019, -94.5405169
               Original name for Oxford.
          Winemiller's Mills
               Located on the Platte River, about eleven miles
               northwest of Grant City in Union Twp. There was, also, a general store
               and a post-office. Exact location unverified.
          Worth      40.404789, -94.446298
          Worthville      40.437345 -94.424934
               Used to reference Smithton.

        Additional locations (approximate)

          Dawson City/Childersville       40.420955, -94.223703
          Jimtown       40.428490, -94.250385
          Gem City       40.428289, -94.233373
          Gabtown       40.564294, -94.290240
          Frakes Store      40.481254, -94.371661