Instructions for using coordinates.

The Latitude/Longitude pairs can be entered into any mapping program that accepts such input. Two common ones are Google Earth and Google Maps.

Google Maps is an on-line program found at
Copy and Paste a cordinate pair as shown (including the comma and space separating the pair) and click the Search button.

Google Earth is a free down-loadable program that runs on your computer. It can be found at
Place the coordinate pair in either the 'Fly To' or 'Local Search' box, then click the Search button

The web page entry is.....
Bethel Church       40.4863791, -94.5035714
Copy "40.4863791, -94.5035714" as one item, without the quotes, and place in the appropriate box.

          Bethel Church      40.4863791, -94.5035714
          Fletchall Church     40.5244364, -94.3685687
          Freeland Church (historical)     40.4577711, -94.3274568
          Isabell Church (historical)     40.4469392, -94.2424552
          Jackson Church     40.5572152, -94.2905116
          Lotts Grove Church     40.5458272, -94.2399549
          Mount Vernon Church     40.4669348, -94.5055159
          New Hope Church     40.4197169, -94.2713447
          Prairie Chapel (historical)     40.3969379, -94.3652353