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The Bone Pit

Grandpa took me there when I was still a boy. From where the Adams School House presently stands (1965), we walked west down the slope toward the river. When we reached the river bank, we turned south, crossed a rather wide gully, then climbed nearly straight up to a high bank overlooking the river. It was on this bank the Roach boys had found the bones, he said.

They were human bones, or at least the skulls were identified as human. Almost a yellowish black, grandpa said, obviously of great age. How many were there? Apparently no one ever counted. The boys had found two skulls along with numerous other bones.

How they got there, no one knew. The best guess was that, perhaps centuries ago, the Indians had used that high knoll as a spot to bury their dead. They were apparently placed in a shallow pit probably, at that time, well back from the lip of the riverís bank.

When I saw the place, it was but a small indentation at the top of the bank. Years and years of erosion had slowly whittled at the soil, dropping it into the river below. Who knows how many bones had already disappeared before the discovery by the Roach boys.


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