Missouri Death Index

An index to death records held by the
Missouri Secretary of State
for the years 1910 1961.

The databases provided by the Missouri Secretary of State are invaluable sources of information for a genealogist. Unfortunately, the name listed in the database (taken from public records) frequently is not spelled in the manner expected, and countless hours can be wasted attempting to discover the exact letter combination to produce a hit. The names in this index are copied directly from the S.O.S. databases, and each links to the output page for that listing. There are TREMENDOUS variations in spelling! Occasionally, the first letter of the surname is wrong and that person is listed under another part of the alphabet. So, be sure to peruse the ENTIRE database for the county selected.

      Worth County (2545 names)
             Abplanalp, Casper ~ Harper, Emily S.
             Harris, Amanda Jane ~ Ross, William J.
             Ross, William R. ~ Zuik, Sarah

      Harrison County (8795 names 1910 1957)
             Abercrombie, John Swain ~ Blessing, Tracy L.
             Blessing, William C. ~ Craig, Orange J.
             Craig, Thomas E. ~ Funderburg, David W.
             Funderburg, Martha Ann ~ Holland, Susan C.
             Hollaway, Roy ~ McDougal, Urias H.
             McDowell, Irl ~ Pierce, James Leonard
             Pierce, James M. ~ Skinner, John M.
             Skinner, Leo A ~ Vandivere, Wesley
             Vandivert, Authur Herbert ~ Zungs, Peter William

      Gentry County (6874 names 1910 1957)
             Abarr, Effie ~ Briggs, James McK
             Brim, Lidda ~ Duckworth, Myrtle M.
             Duckworth, William C. ~ Henderson, Dorris J.
             Henderson, Ella G. ~ Lykins, John B.
             Lykins, Marion T. ~ Ray, William G.
             Rayland, Oliver P. ~ Stockwell, Jessie
             Stockwell, Nevada M. ~ Zuzak, Coralina

      Nodaway County (13984 names 1910 1957)
             Abbey, Charles Frederick ~ Broyles, Asa
             Broyles, Charles A. ~ Core, James Walter
             Corken, James S. ~ Edmiston, Henry Clay
             Edmiston, Susan ~ Goff, Ada Alice
             Goff, Anna Eliya ~ Hailey, Cora M.
             Haines, Ethel ~ Hubbell, Thomas
             Hubble, Clara Etta ~ Kline, Ray
             Kline, Robert ~ Maxwell, Marion
             Maxwell, Mary A. ~ Morton, Fredrick
             Morton, Luella B. ~ Obanion, William H.
             Obannion, Christann ~ Riley, Rosa I.
             Riley, Mrs. Rose ~ Smith, Clem L.
             Smith, Cora A. ~ Todd, Genevieve H.
             Todd, Harry C. ~ Wilson, Clara L.
             Wilson, Claud Jr. ~ Zwelling, George E.