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 Containing historical anecdotes, biographies, family histories, military records and miscellaneous items of ancestors with Worth County connections.

G E N E A L O G I C A L    D A T A

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H I S T O R I C A L    D A T A

Local History
Stories related to the area in and around Smith Township.

  • Crazy Bill Easter
           The great Allendale raid

  • Elihu Baker's Ghost
           Deader'n dead.

  • Tourist Map of Allendale
           Some things never change

  • The Bone Pit: Indian Graveyard
           A short musing.

  • Miller's Cave
           Grandpa's secret hideout.

  • Missing Moonshine Money
           Still there!

  • Indian Battle near Lott's Grove
           Times were scary.
  •        In the works:

  • The Great Race of 1901
           George Roach's wildest dare!

  • Liniment Liquor
           Mistakes do happen.

  • Cowboys and Indians
           It was just plain fun.

  • Them Damnable Creatures!
           They were everywhere!

  • The Turpentine Trip
           'That' corner of the barn.

  • The Body in the Barn
           Who was she?

  • Biographical
  • The many wives and loves of Seth Thomas Herndon 1900-1975
  • Short Bio of William Kelly Gibson

  • C O U N T Y     R E C O R D S

    LOOK! - Worth County CENSUS Records - LOOK!
    Many are link-indexed by township or cross-referenced to other censuses
  • 1840 - possibles
  • 1850 - what became Worth County in 1861
  • 1860 - what became Worth County in 1861
  • 1870 - index of all inhabitants
  • 1876 - Smith, Fletchall & Union Twps
  • 1880 - index of all inhabitants
  • 1883 - Pensioners (vets/widows)
  • 1890 - Schedule of Vets/Widows
  • 1900 - 1910 - 1920 - 1930 - 1940
        (Complete county indexes and images)

  • 1930 Census occupation listing for:
  • Grant City
  • Sheridan
  • Denver
  • Worth
  • Allendale


    Worth County births 1883-1894 - [index to off-site records]

  • Father A-F
  • Father G-M
  • Father N-R
  • Father S-Z
  • Mother's maiden name A-F
  • Mother's maiden name G-M
  • Mother's maiden name N-R
  • Mother's maiden name S-Z

  • Worth County Missouri Death Certificates
    1910 1957

    The Missouri Death Certificate Database contains death records created after 1910 and that are at least 50 years old.

    Complete indexes are available for:
    Worth, Gentry, Harrison and Nodaway Counties.

    Click HERE to view the records

    Worth County Deaths - 1883 to 1894

    This is an index w/links to the
    Missouri State Archives
    Missouri Birth & Death Records Database
    held by the
    Missouri Secretary Of State.

    Click HERE to view the records

    Obituaries and Notices

    drawn mainly from Pansy's
    Heart of the Nation.

    See Pansy's Obits

    Misc Obits

    printed from a variety of sources

    Go to the Index page.

    Worth County Land Patents

    Land patents document the transfer of land ownership from the federal or state government to individuals. These indexes are to off-site (BLM and SOS) land patent records that include the information recorded when ownership was transferred.

    Federal Patents A-L        Federal Patents M-Z        State Patents

    Heart Of The Nation

    Excerpts from Pansy Rinehart's book about northeast Worth County.
    About 300 death notices and obituaries
    (same as above link).
  • Go there.....

  • Map of Worth County School Districts in 1932.
  • Go there.....

  • NOW SCANNING: Sections from Pansy's "Heart Of The Nation"
    Schools...Churches...Log cabins...Local History

    Map Coordinates

  • Cemetery locations
  • Rural schools
  • Towns and communities
  • Churchs

  • Plat Maps

    Worth County Plat Maps for
    1877 & 1902

    Special Map Link

    1930 Plat Books for Missouri Counties
    Courtesy: University of Missouri Digital Library

    Cemetery Records

    Index to all Worth County cemeteries
    Click HERE

    Additional Cemetery Data

  • Fairview Cemetery (Middlefork Twp)
         All known burials.
  • Neal Family Cemetery (Smith Twp)
         Unknown burials.
  • Douglas Cemetery Burials (Smith Twp)
         Partial survey.
  • Worth County Cemetery Links

  • Link One
  • Link Two

  • Military Records

    For obvious reasons, the entire military record of a given individual will not be found on this web site. Every effort has been made to include all items of interest as well as available resources for additional information.

    Civil War
  • Elihu Baker
  • Zachariah Preston Cadle

    Have Most Records

    Civil War
  • ...William Kelly Gibson
  • ...Jonathan Steven Herndon
  • ...Morgan Jones Dye
  • ...Henry Hamblen

  • Have Minimal Records

    War of 1812
    Black Hawk War
  • ...Adam Black

    Morman Wars
  • ...Adam Black

    Mexican War
  • ...(James) Allen Robertson

  • S U R R O U N D I N G    C O U N T I E S

    Some Harrison County Missouri Records

    Some Nodaway County Missouri Records

    Some Gentry County Missouri Records

    Some Ringgold County Iowa Records

    Some Taylor County Iowa Records

    Archive of 1813 Invalid Pensioners by State

    Archive of 1883 Pensioners - All Missouri Counties

    Archive of 1883 Pensioners - All Iowa Counties

    M I S C E L L A N E O U S    L I N K S

  • Links to lesser-known FREE Genealogy databases
  • Missouri Soldiers Database: War of 1812 - World War I
  • Missouri Birth & Death Records Database, Pre-1910
  • Federal Land Patents Databases
  • Civil War: First Regiment Missouri State Militia Cavalry (Worth-Gentry Counties).
  • Missouri State Genealogical Association publications for sale
  • Worth County County Records on Microfilm for sale
  • Oxford Church Members 1
  • Oxford Church Members 2
  • Missouri World War II Casualties by County
  • The Mid-Continent Public Library interlibrary loan
  • Missouri Newspapers on Microfilm (and interlibrary loan)

    Other excellent links:
  • Indiana State Library Genealogy Databases
  • Illinois State Archives databases
  • National Park Service Civil War Web Site
  • Searchable databases of New England Ancestors
  • 1840 Pensioners - Alphabetical by State
  • 1820 Pension List
  • Access Genealogy
  • The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
  • The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) 2
  • Census Online
  • Ed & Sandy Mackley Missouri Census Images
  • S.W. Iowa

    The material contained on this site has been compiled from submissions by a variety of individuals, as well as through my own research. I am not accountable for any errors contained in material submitted by others...and will deny responsibility for any of my own making. Also, time does not permit me to be as detailed and thorough as I would like with the data contained herein. Therefore, documentation of sources has been kept to an absolute minimum. I sincerely hope that, by finding relevant names, dates, and locations, visitors to this site will be able to bridge gaps in their own research or, at the very least, point them in a rewarding direction.

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